Thursday, 8 March 2012

A new year, same ole promises.

I think its time i came clean, I have a problem. I’m addicted to Wargaming. There I’ve said it and I feel better for it. My painting table however is straining under the weight of all the projects I have waiting for either glue or the loving attention of my painting brushes. In no particular order I have my Chaos and Orcs for fantasy, several crew’s for Malifaux, Bushido, Warmachine and 40k Blood Angels. Also lurking in the background i see 2 other fantasy armies to make 8th edition compliant and now my eyes are roaming over the figs from Gripping Beast as my local club are getting down n dirty with Saga.

Plus now that i have my own gaming room up and running I have terrain to purchase and paint.


It’s a great time to be a gamer with so many great figs and gaming systems to choose from, or like myself play them all.

At the last club I played a three person game of malifaux with Pete getting to grips with Ramos, Luke using the pain in the ass Seamus and I tried out for the first time Lady Justice.

Loving Malifaux and it’s becoming my pick up game of choice and I expect most of the games I put up on the blog will be covering this system. So much in fact Im thinking of running a small tournament later this year, but no promises.

We ran out of time to finish the game, this time around as were having too much fun, but a rematch is on the cards. Whilst we were talking to other members at the club it looks like others are picking up crews too so I could be spoilt for opposition to play against.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Battle of the Peaks - Confederate AAR

My very good friend Paul very recently wrote a battle report for the recent ACW outing over at Evesham Wargames Club with the line "history belongs to the side which ends up writing the history". Well the war is not over my friend this is the offical battle report  from the Southern Republic regarding the Battle of Gailey's Crossroads.

The Scenario was a simple one advance up the table and clear out any federal forces blocking our path. We knew that behind the Town of Bishampton the Union forces were starting to stack up so a fast advance was the order of the day.

The  view from the Southern Front.

Carl's Division took the lead, valliant souls from the heart of Alabama, the advance was swift coming into sight of  Gailey's Crossroads after a couple of turns.

Union Cavalary were seen deploying behind the picket fences and stone walls, their repeating rifles would be deadly if we entered into a protracted fire fight.
General Carl urged his men forward supported by artillery fire from Evesham Hill.
What the Union Cavalry add in fire power they lack in numbers they were hindered by some of the most unluckly dice rolling ever to be seen on a wargames table, Cavalry units were running low on ammunition, others throwing up thick smoke which screened the avancing Confederate forces.
The Union forces deployed an artillery battery to stem the Confederate tide, but this to suffered from a lack of ammo.... ( who was the quartermaster????)


General Carl ordered his men forward with minimal casaulties and shock he charged his bayonets and rushed straight for the Union Cavalry, going against the doctine of previous games of exchanging volley fire first !!!

The Confederate forces numbers told and the union were cavalry feel back in some disorder, it would be several turns before they were able to reform and recover.
Bouyed by their success Carl's Division pushed on but they were starting to suffer a number of casualties and shock, Big Men and Officers were spread across the front and they were desperate to reorder their forces.

Mean while General Stuart's Texas Division entered the table, delayed due to the Generals late lunch.


Carl's Division was slowed by elements of the 76th New York and Union Zouaves who were coming off blinds and were deploying to the front, the men from Alabama knew no fear and pressed on, out stripping the supprting Texas units.

They were now out numbered 3:1 including the returning Union Cavalry under Lt Bacon.

Several volley's were fired by the Union line forcing the Confederate forces to seek shelter in the wheat field, elements of Carl's divsion began to slink away unable to respond to the Union fire and with two few Officers available to reorder the line.

As dusk began to fall, the men from Texas arrived to see their brothers from Alabama retiring from the line with Bacon's cavalry shadowing their withdrawal....
We had secured the cross roads and it would be a bloody task for the Union to take it back.
Mission acomplished....... :-)