Thursday, 8 March 2012

A new year, same ole promises.

I think its time i came clean, I have a problem. I’m addicted to Wargaming. There I’ve said it and I feel better for it. My painting table however is straining under the weight of all the projects I have waiting for either glue or the loving attention of my painting brushes. In no particular order I have my Chaos and Orcs for fantasy, several crew’s for Malifaux, Bushido, Warmachine and 40k Blood Angels. Also lurking in the background i see 2 other fantasy armies to make 8th edition compliant and now my eyes are roaming over the figs from Gripping Beast as my local club are getting down n dirty with Saga.

Plus now that i have my own gaming room up and running I have terrain to purchase and paint.


It’s a great time to be a gamer with so many great figs and gaming systems to choose from, or like myself play them all.

At the last club I played a three person game of malifaux with Pete getting to grips with Ramos, Luke using the pain in the ass Seamus and I tried out for the first time Lady Justice.

Loving Malifaux and it’s becoming my pick up game of choice and I expect most of the games I put up on the blog will be covering this system. So much in fact Im thinking of running a small tournament later this year, but no promises.

We ran out of time to finish the game, this time around as were having too much fun, but a rematch is on the cards. Whilst we were talking to other members at the club it looks like others are picking up crews too so I could be spoilt for opposition to play against.


  1. Cracking post Kahuna, I could not agree more and with the first show of the year coming up tomorrow more goodies to add to lead mountain.

  2. Cheers bud, i have to restrain myself until payday, when ill be purchasing figs to give warmachine a bash