Sunday, 2 October 2011

SOK Campaign Turn 1 Update

The Summer of 1793 is upon us and initial campaign moves have been completed in the Evesham Sport of Kings Campaign.During the Spring turn the governments of Europe were swift to postition themselves against new threats, the British in Hanover being the most aggressive stimultaneously attempting to annex 4 regions in one go.

A summary of the territories captured and advanced is set out below.

Britian (Hanover) captures Westphalia, Hesse & Holstein
But are forced to retreat from Meeklemberg

France captures Lorraine & Savoy
But a proposed attack into Westphalia as the locals side with Britian

Prussia captures Saxony

Austraia captures Bavaria

Spain (Naples) captures the Papal States

The Ottoman Empire captures Bosnia & Montenegro

The most recent map is set out below.