Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Patrolling for Vittles!!

The second of our ongoing American Civil War narrative campaign games saw both the Union and Confederate forces foraging for supplies. This is one of the scenarios from the Terrible Sharp Sword supplement for Sharp Practice.

Elements of the 5th and 76th New York once again clashed with the 5th Texas as both sides tried to supplement their rations with some confiscated foodstuffs.

The following battle report is bought to you by Dane playing Major Carlise Boyd . Commander, Company H 5th New York.

While detailed to help collect supplies from local farms my company was split into four detachments, two where detailed to protect the left flank and myself with two detachments where to link up with a detachment of cavalry at a local Orchard.

We made good progress and advanced at a steady pace when Sergeant Major Holwill's detachment came upon and engaged in a savage fire fight,a group of Rebels. Only withdrawing when it became impossible to return fire, withdrawing in good order but with the unfortunate loss of Private J.M.Allaire and C. E. Fosdick both killed and Corporal Wm. Alexander who lost an Arm.

As this took place Sergeant Philleps Detachment who where coming through a corn field in support of Sgt. M. Holwills where intercepted by a large group of Texans and skirmishers they held these numerically superior forces off until the order to withdraw was given they accomplished this with out panic and only minor injury to the men.

At the same time as this happened I had arrived at the Orchard but instead of our Cavalry found a number of confederate dismounted Cavalry who I immediately engaged in a prolonged fire fight causing many casualties to the enemy without losing a single man, we stayed at our position until the withdraw order was issued by the commander of the 76th New York in charge of collecting the army supplies.

Zouaves from the 5th come off their blinds as they approach the rebel expecting to meet the cavalry. Alas they had been delayed shining their horse brasses.

 A detachment of the 76th begin to scavenge from South Farm

Confederates bear down on the 5th.

The remaining troops on both sides came off their blinds, the 76th and their cavalry escort block the road.

Troops begin to exchange fire.

Over on the left the Texans trade fire with the 5th NY.

The cannon wasn't in the scenario! We just put it on the table as it was newly painted.

Stu had spent the week painting his cavalry, they came straight off blind and dismounted. So here they are in all their glory.

The smallest rebel group on the right forgot to pack their ammo and has just run out of ball.

The 76th take the opportunity to return fire, shooting in to the column.

Out of Ammo the rebels plan to charge, covering the column from further fire.

Both sides accumulate shock.

After taking more fire, the rebels are forced to retreat.

Everyone is feeling the effects of shock, the Union dismounted cavalry flee over the hedgerow.

Shock continues the grow, the zouaves muskets begin to clock with powder.

The evening drew to an end and we declared the game a draw awarding both sides a campaign point. This valuable point brings the Union total to three enabling them to upgrade their musketry training up from poor to trained. This has a significant effect on the effects of their fire and the Confederates will see more casualties in future.