Monday, 6 December 2010

After last nights AGM I thought I would I post up a quick link to the painting blog I run over at

We use this mostly to encourage each other to get our painting done. Feel free to look, comment or even join if it inspires you.
Im going to try and use the Clubs blog to do mini gaming reports and report back my thoughts on warhammer 8th edition

Its a great gaming group and I feeling lucky to be a part of it, see you all in 2 weeks

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday 5th December

Well, luckily for us the weather hasn't been too bad in the Vale of Evesham and a little milder weather brought us together for another nights gaming. As ever we have an eclectic mix of games and a mini AGM this evening. Here are a couple of photos from tonight's games;

As a prelude to the next all dayer, the frontiers of the west are pushed back further in to the wilderness, using the Legends of the Old West rules.

Only to be met by the Apache!

A Flames of War game saw British Infantry face German troops fighting through the bocage of the Normandy countryside.

A Warriors of Chaos army faced Dark Elves in a Warhammer game, these Marauders are particularly nicely painted.

A 15mm Sci-Fi game using the Imperial Commander rules saw burning vehicles all round. Here some NAC infantry sheltered in a copse with the Phalanx transport behind them.

We also had games of Aliens and Memoir 44 to round out a good nights gaming.