Monday, 8 February 2010

(Uncharted Seas Campaign) The Campaign for Karneia: The story so far...

The Campaign for Karneia

Captain’s Log, 23rd December

Rumours abound of a number of fleets at large in the Forbidden Islands, but still the waters remain quiet. No doubt, the air will soon ring with the roar of cannon and the screams of the dying…

Even so, the shadow mage seers managed to pick off an inexperienced Orc captain and give him a sound thrashing. The bloody altars of the ‘bad dwarves’ were made ready to welcome the Orc survivors as they were dragged from the flotsam.

One more solid victory will put the Shadow Mages in a position to take the strategic initiative in the quest for power.

Captain’s Log, 3rd January

Stung from their bitter defeat at the hands of the Shadow Mages, the Orcs sent a strong patrol in search of vengeance. This time, they stumbled across a reconnaissance force of Thaniras Elves. The battle was brief but bloody. The Orcs seized the initiative from the outset, using their powerful guns and strong hulls to shrug off the Elven salvos. With only the loss of a few frigates, the Orcs sent all of the Elven ships to the murky depths with the loss of all hands.

Captain’s Log, 6th February

The Elves had learnt from the seamanship of the Orcs, and waylaid a patrol of their shadow-brethren in the Helgath Sea. A mighty contest took place between the Dragon Lord and Elven Battleships. The floggings meted out to the Elven crew after their last defeat had the desired effect, leading to an Elven victory.
Captain’s Log, 7th February
With the dawn, it became clear that the tentative clashes of the previous weeks were but the heralds of the coming war. No less than six war-fleets set out from their home ports intent on staking their claim to Karneia.

The mighty Dwarven Ironclads split into two flotillas, each under the command of ambitious Admirals. One met an Elven fleet head-on, destroying all but one frigate, but keeping only its hardy battleship intact. The other received a bloody nose whilst scouting a force of Orc Raiders, and was then handed a drubbing by roving Dragon Lords. Rumours abound of fisticuffs between the rival Dwarven Admirals back at port; surely it’s only a matter of time before they meet in open warfare on the high seas…

Spurred on by their victory over the Iron Dwarves, the Dragon Lords defeated an attempted ambush by the Dwarves dark cousins, the Shadow Mages. In turn, the Mages were set upon by a scouting Orc force, which turned into a rout for the Mages. Revenge was sweet for the Orcs.

Despite their various setbacks, all but the Iron Dwarves were now set fair to bring their strategies into play. A new chapter in the bloody history of Karneia opens…
Current Results:
Dane 63 Recon points
Stu 43 Recon points
Darren 38 Recon points
Steve 37 Recon points
Mark L 18 Recon points
Paul 14 Recon points

Monday, 1 February 2010

Zulu War - Battle of Inyezane Refight

Well the big day has come and gone.
But how did we stack up against events on the day?

On Saturday the Evesham Wargames Club Re-fought the Battle of Inyezane, not a bad effort for a club that 3 months ago had no figures for the Zulu War. Over 100 Brits and 500 Zulu's in three months.
I am pleased to report a British Victory albeit like many a zulu encounter a close run thing.

The British were ordered to cross the drift and push over the ridge line to capture or destroy the Zulu Kraal in order to limit the Zulu reinforcements in the area and whilst they were unable to push over the ridge by the end of the day, their steady fire was enough to inflict sufficent casualties on the Zulu army to shatter it as an effective fighting force.

The Zulu command was forced to attack the British line piece meal and whilst closed on several occasions the supporting fire from other British Companies was enough to drive them off.
Next stop Gingindlovu.

The View from the British River Crossing with the ridge rising in the centre and the Kraal seen to the top right right of the table.
Initial British Deployments with the 99th Foot and Native Horse crossing the Drift.
Natal Carbineers shield the Left Flank and escort the wagons.

The British on the Move.

The Zulu Right Horn emerges from the Ridge Line.

View from the British Lines.The Zulu Left Horn bursts from cover.
Whilst the Giraffe keeps right on chewing.
The British stand Fast with Naval Brigade and Artillery in Support.

View from the British lines as the attack developes.
The range markers were to prove invaluable in giving the British the extra bonuses to break the attacking Zulu's.

The right horn closes with the British Flank.
Close ranges volley's are able to inflict sufficent casualties to drive them off.

The chest charges for the British Centre only to be stopped by a combination of rifle fire, artillery and Machine Gun fire.

The final push by the Zulu Impi'sFrontier Horse hold up the attacking Zulu's before breaking them with a well timed charge.